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10 months

ezra_10_month – THREE teeth!

– You love to cheer on the Memphis Grizzlies with Daddy

– You constantly open and close your hand and watch with amazement

– You’re climbing on everything

– You LOVE music. Anytime it comes on you drop what you’re doing to listen

– You clap with your fists… you won’t open your hands for anything! It’s so cute!

– You love to be outside. Your favorite thing is to rip leaves off bushes.

– You’re a scaredy cat when it comes to loud noises (hair dryer, barking dogs, etc.) – TERRIFIED!

– You love our windows… you could look out them all day.

– You love feeling soft things with your face.

– You weigh 22 pounds!

– You are wearing some of your 6-12 months clothes, but also 12-18 months / 12 months clothes

IMG_1908 IMG_1910 IMG_1915 IMG_1923 IMG_1927 IMG_1932




9 months


New things this month:

– I can barely keep you in the room. I have to barricade all the doors because you are always on the go!

– You had your first cold this month 🙁

– You are getting so good and getting up and down and walking around the couch.

– You have the cutest bed head when you wake up. Your new nickname is little fuzzhead.

– You LOVE the water.. swimming is your favorite.

– We are still just breast feeding, but you’ve tasted watermelon & mangos.

– You make so many funny noises. You purr and babble with your tongue. Exhibit A & Exhibit B

-You weigh 21 pounds!

– You are wearing 6-12 months / 12 months clothes

– When you are playing you will look up to make sure I’m still there. If I am, you resume playing.

You are so much joy to everyone you come in contact with. I’m so proud to call you my baby.

IMG_1340 IMG_1328 IMG_1355 IMG_1350 IMG_1362 IMG_1331 IMG_1411 IMG_1419 IMG_1421 IMG_1422 IMG_1380

8 months

IMG_0811 This is all going by way too fast! EIGHT months…

Ez, I cannot put into words how much I love you. You probably won’t get it until you have a son/daughter of your own. You are one of my life’s most precious blessings.

– You crawl! The real deal… not just scooting!

– TWO teeth (and the process was not very fun)

– I love watching you play. You are so curious.

– Your favorite toys are the “non-toys” (remote, camera, cords, basically anything that you aren’t supposed to have)

– All you want to do is stand. You’re starting to pull up on things and you can stand propped for a long time.

– You give big, sloppy, wet kisses

– you LOVE Baby Einstein… you would watch it all day if I would let you.

– you want your mommy allll the time, but you still have never met a stranger.

– We are still just breast feeding, but I do let you taste things. You’ve tried bananas, & mashed potatoes

– You wear 6-12 months / 9 months clothes, but not for much longer!

You are so smart and so sweet… I’m so proud to be your mommy!

IMG_0809 IMG_0798 IMG_0790 IMG_0793 IMG_0786


7 months


These past few months have been a whirlwind. I am so late on posting this! In fact, next week will be time for me to post Ezra’s 8 month update… so better late than never though, right?

Ezra, in your seventh month you seemed to have grown up so much! We spent most of it in the states enjoying Christmas with family.

– Your hair is coming in thicker and thicker!

– the teething has begun

– our flight on the way to america was a nightmare… you were an angel on the one on the way back (I guess because you turned 7 months!)

– you LOVE your new toys.

– We are still strictly nursing

– You are wearing 6-12 months clothes/9 months

– You army crawl everywhere

– You think your Nana is hilarious

– You say Dada and Momma occasionally

Ezzie, you are an absolute joy. I just keep thinking my heart can’t be any fuller and then it just keeps happening. Your dad and I are just completely and totally in love with you 🙂

I took our normal monthly pictures but in the travel I can’t find my camera cord to download my pictures… fortunately the amazing Katie Kubler took some beautiful pictures of my girl while we were home.

ezra-003bissbw ezra-009bis ezra-011sbw ezra-015 ezra-016 ezra-017 ezra-020 ezra-022 ezra-023sbw ezra-025sbw

6 months & a big day

ezra_six_month IMG_4962 IMG_4964 IMG_4979 IMG_4985 IMG_5015 IMG_5019 IMG_5028 IMG_4967


6 months… half a year… trying to hold it together for this one!!

Ezzie, your little personality is really starting to show and somehow you’re even sweeter this month than you were last month. We love you more and more everyday.

-You are sitting up by yourself!

– Still no teeth… still LOTS of drool

– You laugh all the time and smile even more

– I push you around in your stroller in the front yard for hours everyday.

– You are soooo close to crawling. You know how to get wherever you want to go.

– You weight EIGHTEEN pounds

– Half way through this month we had to move you up to your 6-12/9 months clothes.

– We are still strictly nursing

– You LOVE your Daddy. If he’s around you can’t take your eyes off of him.

– You like to sit in the laundry basket and play with your toys (they can’t get away from you so easily there)

– Peek-a-boo is your favorite



We are so excited and so thankful to all of you who have supported us through this journey of trying to make it home for the holidays! We are leaving tonight and will arrive in the States on Thursday evening. I could not be more grateful that Jesus answered my prayer!

Happy half-a-year, Ez! You are such an incredible blessing.

5 months

5months IMG_4916 IMG_4854 IMG_4768 IMG_4750 IMG_47852 IMG_47492 IMG_49232 IMG_4920 IMG_47432 – you are finally starting to get some hair!

– you did a lot of cool things this month: saw a lion in the wild, walked with giraffes, watched mommy ride an ostrich

– Nana, Pop, and Aunt Wendy came to visit – you loved all the attention

– you’ve started saying what sounds like “momma” when you cry

– you pretty much ALWAYS have something in you mouth

– you love to touch/grab everything. You always have something in your hands.

– you’ve discovered the “big girl cry” – good thing Nana was here when you did it the first time because I was just sure something was terribly wrong with you!

– you were Princess Leia for Halloween

– you’re eyes are starting to change colors – looks like they may end up being green.

– you use your feet as if they were hands

– we’re still strictly nursing

– mosquitos love you :/

– you found your feet! – new favorite toy

– we go for walks in our yard everyday. You relax in your stroller while I walk the same 20 feet back and forth- you love it.

– have I mentioned you are a techy? you LOVE anything with a screen

– you only want your wubby. Yesterday, I tried to give a different pacifier and you spit it out and chunked it on the ground.

^^^oh, yeah and you’re getting a bit sassy ^^^

Ezra, these months are passing like days. I enjoy being your mommy so much. I love you and all your rolls 🙂

IMG_48102 “I know you weren’t just talking about my rolls…”


4 months

ezra_four_month 2013-10-22 09.25.43 2013-10-22 09.24.17 This post is WAY overdue… but how is it time for this post already?!

Ezra, you turned four months old on Saturday (the 12th). With every day that goes by, I just love you more.

New things this month:

– you rolled over! Back to tummy (sept. 30)

– Now that you know how to roll, that’s pretty much all you do.

– You’ve started laughing.

– You love looking at yourself in the mirror.

– You weigh 16lbs.

– You are wearing your 3-6 months clothes.

– You drool… a lot.

– I can barely keep you swaddled. Somehow you always wiggle at least one arm out.

– You now love to be on your tummy.

– You do this really cute squeal when Daddy plays with you.

– You’ve been sleeping in your own bed really well… at least for the first half of the night.

Mr. Mittens makes you smile.

– You really like being around other little kids.


As for Mommy, I’ve lost all of my baby weight plus more this month. I gained 40lbs while pregnant with Ezra and have lost 45. Whoo hoo! Thanks goes to nursing!


Ezra, thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. We love you more than you’ll ever know!


3 months


IMG_5178 IMG_5181 ezra_3_months

ezra_one_month ezra_2_months

For three months now I have had the honor of calling myself “Mommy”. These have truly been some of the most precious months of my life.

Ezra, you are three months old! Hanging out with you all day is more fun than I ever imagined it could be. The past month has been full of exciting new changes.

-For starters, we joined Daddy in Africa. You seem to like it. The weather is nice and you have lots of friends.

-You smile pretty much non-stop

-You smile with your eyes too- it melts my heart.

-You rarely cry.

-You love the book Brown Bear.

-When I sing to you, you smile and laugh every time.

-We hold long drawn out conversations . Your stories are pretty interesting.

-You will let other people hold you and love on you, but you’re kind of a mama’s girl.

-Your dad and I swear you can talk. When you were two days old you said “hun-gee” (hungry) and have been saying it ever since. This month you added “Love you”- You also say “Hey” all the time 🙂

-When I nurse you, you like to hold my hand.

-You still love your wubby.

-Bath time is your favorite.

-You can’t stand to be alone. You don’t mind if I put you down, but you want to be able to see me.

-You hate tummy time.

-You constantly try to stick your whole fist in your mouth… you’ve gotten close.

-You sleep about 6-7 hours straight most nights.

-You love morning time- you can’t stop smiling.

-You just started wearing your 3-6 months clothes, but can still wear some of your 0-3 months.

Basically, you bring your dad and me more joy than we ever thought possible. I am so thankful Jesus chose me to be your mommy.