Sgeu Collective Agreement Overtime

Where possible, a part-time worker may not be put on hold on days when it is not provided, unless otherwise agreed. When the mutual agreement is reached, regular childcare rates are paid on the working day and regular rates of pay apply when they are summoned. In the absence of mutual agreement and award to the worker, the worker receives a childcare bonus in accordance with Article 15.11, point (c) (c) and if he is paid in accordance with Article 15.12 b bis. 5.1 Each year prior to the agreed leave [at least one(1) year and a maximum of six (6) years), the member receives the applicable salary set by the application form, the worker`s declaration and authorization agreement and the participation agreement. If workers were previously employed under the SGEU/SAHO collective agreement, taking into account what has been taken into account and from 16 the following rule is still applicable: 6. It is assumed that, for the duration of this collective agreement (April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2018), the complementary rates of remuneration of the market are subject to economic increases as follows: the value of the dollar resulting from percentage adjustments in the basic rate of education is added to the supplementary replacement rate of the market. However, this does not exclude an annual review of market supplements and, if necessary, an additional increase in wages added to the market, in accordance with the LOU #13. c) Unless mutually agreed, workers are not required to participate in work where the worker`s hours of work and the worker`s hours of service/witness exceed the normal daily hours of a full-time worker in the field of work. negotiations between the parties. If an agreement is not reached, an adjudation will be put in place to determine whether a new and/or/or unique occupational/classification/position category has been put on the most appropriate pay scale. b) Negotiated expanded plans continue until they are negotiated or otherwise terminated under the original agreement.

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