Royalties Agreement Po Polsku

Bénard: Day-to-day royalty management can be particularly difficult for IP holders, especially when it comes to products with fast and growing sales. In this context, specialized royalty management software providers can provide useful assistance in analyzing and tracking relevant data and calculating payments to ensure accurate royalty collection. During the term of a licence agreement, it is quite common for the agreement to be subject to a number of transactions, whether it is a transfer, a transfer or even a guarantee, for example. B a deposit obligation. It may be difficult for IP owners to assess to whom royalties should be recovered when such a transaction takes place. A particular problem for IP owners is the risk of insolvency of the licensee. The applicable rules and the extent of contractual freedom in the area of insolvency can vary considerably from country to country. The choice of existing licensing legislation could be of paramount importance in ensuring the applicability of contractual provisions in the event of insolvency. IP holders should anticipate these situations in the licensing agreement as much as possible and in a manner permitted by existing legislation.

Sonja London has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of intellectual property and licensing. She is responsible worldwide for licensing, business intelligence and analytics for all Nokia Technologies licensing operations. Previous roles included commercial development of licensing programs, good execution and negotiation, contract management, litigation, royalties, customers and compliance. Since 2013, she has been a member of the Board of Licensing Executives Society Scandinavia. She can be contacted by email Bénard: Companies can use the services provided by specialized royalty management software providers to ensure adequate tracking of data and calculation payments as well as timely royalty collection. In addition, companies may include payment obligation provisions in IP licensing agreements, such as. B a clause on the terms of payment and a compensation clause providing for late penalties. In addition, the IP licensing agreement may also provide for the right to terminate ipso swears – in itself, without a court decision – in the event of a continuous or significant late payment, after sending a letter of formal notice to the defaulting party.

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