No Tenancy Agreement Singapore

Hello Jamal, in fact I had the paper copy of the agreement, but problem is not signed, they e-stamp online, so IRAS could not have the document cos do not need e-stamps agree when they do online. My agreement said on the return of the deposit only after 14 days, when they retire and have to keep the original as I rent to them on the first day. Now the problem tenants refused to paint the house, told me, I have to refund them the deposit. They agree to pay their rent until the end of June cos contract until June and the deposit cannot set the rent, was stated in the agreement. I trusted them professionally so I didn`t get a copy of the signature from them. So how can I manage these prosthetic tenants? Please inform yourself about how I can solve my problem. Hello, can you consult, please? I`m a tenant with a 12-month lease. For work reasons, I intend to break the lease at the 6th month. But there is no penalty in my lease. Do I have to pay the remaining six months` rent, which I think is pretty unfair? As a tenant, I invent an unforeseen circumstance because of my employee`s handover of the job. It caused me to break my lease before the diplomatic period. I looked for a tenant with the landlord`s consent.

I found a replacement. I agreed to pay a brokerage fee to the owner. The owner wants to give my deposit on a pro-rata basis. What happens if your lease does not contain these clauses or if you are in a default to let your lease expire? What options do you have then? Hello, I have master bedrooms to rent in a condo, now there are 3 rooms in the apartment occupied by two other tenants. And we`re all going to be great for a long time. My question is: is it normal for your landlord to sleep on your couch in the living room almost every night, now, according to the agreement, it will only come once just to clean the house, not stay. We complained to the broker, but his answer is that, because we rent all the rooms, the owner has the right to stay there because it is the common area. It`s true? Because I don`t think it`s normal, and I also think it`s very worrying. Hello, my new landlord refuses to repair/replace any of the defective devices even in the first month`s rent. I have no contact with the owner and all communications are through his agent.

As after him, I rented hv an old unit – everything can`t be new, if the problems are, then I have to repair/replace at my own expense. While the contract mentions that the owners deal with these problems at its expense for the first 30 days. It seems that I am being forced to invest in his property. All proposals that can help. Hello, my new owner does not want to give me the keys to the house and also does not want to be ready to make my advance of 2000 S. I went to the police, and the proposal is to contact the small claims court. HDB was told that he was not a proprietary and could be subject to criminal proceedings. HDB says they can`t do anything since the owner has not signed the contract. We are foreigners and we are not sure how long we can stay here. I`m really frustrated. Any suggestions? Mr.

Thxs. On the other hand, the tenant is entitled to a full refund of the deposit, since the landlord has not complied with the agreement to provide a finished apartment? Expatriate tenants leasing landlords and tenants litigation Rental in Singapore Bail Generally before the signing of the lease agreement, the tenant and the lessor are free to negotiate the terms of this contract to describe in clear terms the extent of each party`s liability. This includes the tenant`s request that the landlord clean, repair, replace worn devices before moving in. This can be indicated in the most detailed and explicit way possible, which the owner may choose to accept or contradict these conditions.

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