Lenten Agreement

The idea of Easter fasting dates back to the time of the early Church, 2000 years ago. A few years after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Christians fasted in front of all meals and drinks, marking the period between his death and the discovery that his tomb was empty. Lent as we know it today has its origin about 900 years after Jesus. There was an international consensus that there should be a period of prayer and forgiveness that lasts 40 days – more sunday – until Easter Sunday. The importance of time was that, just before the beginning of his years of travel and learning, Jesus moved 40 days in the wilderness to reflect on the future of his life. The Orthodox Church sticks to the traditional doctrine of fasting of the Church. The rules of fasting are monastic rules. Fasting in the Orthodox Church is more than giving up certain foods. During the Great Lent, the Orthodox faithful intensify their prayers and spiritual exercises, go more often to divine services, study in depth the scriptures and works of the Fathers of the Church, limit their entertainment and editions, and focus on charity and good works. Some Christians and lay groups interpret fasting in a positive tone, not as a renunciation, but as a contribution to causes such as environmental responsibility and improved health.

[86] [87] Even some atheists find value in the Christian tradition and observe Lent. [88] Lent is the 40-day preparation time for the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday). The word “Lent” comes from the same root as the word “extend” angelo-Saxon. It was a word for spring when the day continues quickly. Therefore, Lent is essentially the spring of the Church. In addition, some believers add regular spiritual discipline to bring her closer to God, such as reading a daily devotion to Lent. [10] Another often added practice is singing the anthem Stabat Mater in some bands. Filipino Catholics also see the recitation of the epic Passion of Christ, called Pasiong Mahal. In some Christian countries, large religious processions and cultural customs are observed, and worshippers attempt to visit seven churches during Holy Week to pray the stations of the Way of the Cross and pray at the altar of rest in each church. [Citation required] One of the most important Easter celebrations is the baptism of the initiates at Easter.

Fasting was originally done by the catechumens to prepare them for the reception of this Last Supper. Later, from Good Friday to Easter Day, Lent was extended to six days to match the six weeks of training required to give the final instruction to the converts who were to be baptized. [Citation required] During Lent, add a day of herbal meals to your diet or try to eat only herbal meals during Lent. Scientists have evaluated numerous studies from around the world to estimate the amount of greenhouse gases per serving of food. The average serving of meat is greenhouse gas emissions, which are more than 60 times greater than the average serving of fruits, vegetables and cereals.

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