Our Story

Hey, y’all. This is the story about our family of three. My name is Lizzy. My husband is Kennie. The cute one is Ez.

IMG_4618_cropped IMG_4657

Husband and I got married on May 15th, 2010. It was the most perfect day.


We were attending The University of Mississippi where I was studying art and Kennie was studying education.


The summer of 2012, after graduating from college, we left the beloved south to live in Nairobi, Kenya.

14897_10152455664850007_780210464_n-1Just about two months after arriving we found out we were expecting!


In June of this year, we welcomed our sweet daughter, Ezra Honour, into the world.


We returned to Kenya and well… we don’t know what’s next! Stick around and we’ll find out together.

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