5 months

5monthsIMG_4916 IMG_4854 IMG_4768 IMG_4750IMG_47852IMG_47492 IMG_49232IMG_4920IMG_47432– you are finally starting to get some hair!

– you did a lot of cool things this month: saw a lion in the wild, walked with giraffes, watched mommy ride an ostrich

– Nana, Pop, and Aunt Wendy came to visit – you loved all the attention

– you’ve started saying what sounds like “momma” when you cry

– you pretty much ALWAYS have something in you mouth

– you love to touch/grab everything. You always have something in your hands.

– you’ve discovered the “big girl cry” – good thing Nana was here when you did it the first time because I was just sure something was terribly wrong with you!

– you were Princess Leia for Halloween

– you’re eyes are starting to change colors – looks like they may end up being green.

– you use your feet as if they were hands

– we’re still strictly nursing

– mosquitos love you :/

– you found your feet! – new favorite toy

– we go for walks in our yard everyday. You relax in your stroller while I walk the same 20 feet back and forth- you love it.

– have I mentioned you are a techy? you LOVE anything with a screen

– you only want your wubby. Yesterday, I tried to give a different pacifier and you spit it out and chunked it on the ground.

^^^oh, yeah and you’re getting a bit sassy ^^^

Ezra, these months are passing like days. I enjoy being your mommy so much. I love you and all your rolls 🙂

IMG_48102“I know you weren’t just talking about my rolls…”


One Thought on “5 months

  1. Love seeing her grow up. She’s getting to be such a big little girl!

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