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A Summer Recap

What a whirlwind these last few months have been. In June, we moved back to the Memphis area from Nairobi, Kenya. Since that time a LOT has happened.

– Right before we left Kenya, we went on an incredible safari to the Mara.

– Ezzie turned 1 (and is currently almost 15 months)

– We went to the beach with dear friends

– We visited my grandparents in AR and Kennie’s parent in TX

– We went to Gatlinburg, TN with my family

– Kennie started a new teaching job

– WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Which we will move into at the end of this month

And so, so much more.

Overall, our transition back to the states has been a good one. We miss our friends in Kenya more and more as time goes on, but we have a complete peace about coming back to this area. Hopefully once we get a bit more settled I will find more time to blog about all of the new chapters in our lives… the house church we are involved in, being new home owners, of course babies, major budgeting and all that fun stuff 🙂

I’m about to OVERLOAD you with photos….

IMG_5736 IMG_5792

IMG_5837 IMG_5909

They loved her… and she loved the attention.

IMG_1994 IMG_1998 IMG_5951 IMG_5967 IMG_6003

Selfie with a herd of elephants #nbd

IMG_6079 IMG_6160 IMG_6265

IMG_6304 IMG_6323 IMG_6357




Ezra and Kennie reading their books on the plane.


She LOVED the sand.

10488380_10154303564280007_5873805255419141474_n 10271601_10154384160670007_1215735638419168413_n

Some of her first steps.

10513304_10154379875735007_2591148222115109009_n  Her Aunt Wendy is her BFF.

Ezzie’s First Birthday Party

Ezra’s birthday party was one week, yes, SEVEN DAYS after moving back home from Kenya. That first week was full of jet lag, eating as much Chick-fil-A as possible (trust me, you miss it while living overseas), and LOTS of party planning. I tried to keep the party as simple and budget friendly as possible. I made the cake with this recipe and this recipe. Y’all, best. white. cake. EVER. No joke. Oh, and this recipe for the marshmallow fondant (also amazing!). We had the best time seeing our friends and family and of course celebrating one of my life’s most precious blessing, little Ez. I can’t believe she’s 1 and I can’t believe how full my heart it. Love, love, love her!!


Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 029 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 028 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 030

IMG_0334 IMG_0336 IMG_0338
IMG_0259 IMG_0245
Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 036 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 037 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 039 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 040 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 061 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 063

IMG_0271 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 071 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 072 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 078 Father Day Ezra Birthday 2014 079 10372264_10152515786122329_3322953351492502840_n 10403053_10152515790487329_3541048579554877974_n