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7 months


These past few months have been a whirlwind. I am so late on posting this! In fact, next week will be time for me to post Ezra’s 8 month update… so better late than never though, right?

Ezra, in your seventh month you seemed to have grown up so much! We spent most of it in the states enjoying Christmas with family.

– Your hair is coming in thicker and thicker!

– the teething has begun

– our flight on the way to america was a nightmare… you were an angel on the one on the way back (I guess because you turned 7 months!)

– you LOVE your new toys.

– We are still strictly nursing

– You are wearing 6-12 months clothes/9 months

– You army crawl everywhere

– You think your Nana is hilarious

– You say Dada and Momma occasionally

Ezzie, you are an absolute joy. I just keep thinking my heart can’t be any fuller and then it just keeps happening. Your dad and I are just completely and totally in love with you 🙂

I took our normal monthly pictures but in the travel I can’t find my camera cord to download my pictures… fortunately the amazing Katie Kubler took some beautiful pictures of my girl while we were home.

ezra-003bissbw ezra-009bis ezra-011sbw ezra-015 ezra-016 ezra-017 ezra-020 ezra-022 ezra-023sbw ezra-025sbw